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Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith have described their 1981 debut recording as an "inward, winter album." The contemplative pace leads the listener to feel as though she is hearing these songs -- tales really -- around a winter's fire. This album is a collection of traditional British Isles ballads, songs and instrumental pieces, including original songs set to traditional folk melodies. So compelling is the vision of this album, that Music Connection Magazine says, "if you've ever wondered how time travel would feel, listen to the music of Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith."

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Every Woman Born
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The Rolling of the Stones
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About this Recording

Track Listing:

Bird on the Briar, Never Weather Beaten Saile, The Mermaid, Lullaby for Amanda, Every Woman Born, King of the Faeries, Aeolus the Wind, As I Roved Out, Lesson for Two Lutes, Blow the Candles Out, Pastime with Good Company, The Rolling of the Stones, The Weary Cutters


fretted dulcimer, concertina, flute, cello and recorders


"With their first album these two talented women step forth and establish a strong musical identity. Drawing on Medieval and Renaissance music of the British Isles for materials and inspiration, they have created a musical tapestry women from their voices, dulcimer and their striking arrangements."
~Walnut Valley Occasional

"Their entire approach is very artistic, refined and aesthetically elegant. In a world in which traditional notions of beauty are constantly being maligned, the music of Barrett and Smith is undeniably and unapologetically beautiful. This is lovely music, lovingly performed and presented."
~Folk Scene Magazine

"This is one of the most beautiful records ever made."
~George Winston, Windham Hill Artist