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The Heart is the Only Nation

The Heart is the Only Nation

The Heart is the Only Nation

Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith's 1993 release celebrates the connection with the natural world, the passion of life, and the healing of the human heart. The duo has been musical pioneers in the Women's Spirituality movement; creating original songs and instrumentals celebrating the Earth's seasonal cycles and Goddess mythic imagery. Their musical vision is the power and love at the heart of life, expressed in poetry and strikingly beautiful arrangements that feature the fretted dulcimers and their voices.

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Apples of Avalon
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The May Queen is Waiting
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The Heart is the Only Nation
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About this Recording

Track Listing:

Ocean Queen, Apples of Avalon, Partings, After Rain, Tree Lessons, Bridget, Reverence to Her, The May Queen is Waiting, Dancing At Whitsun, Zambra, Aeolus, the Wind, Romp of the Canyon Kitties, Hestia of the Hearth, Blessing Song, Summer Summer, The Heart is the Only Nation


fretted dulcimer, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, concertina, percussion, tamburica bass, uilleann pipes, whistle, and Celtic harp


"The poetry alone is beautiful, and when set to modal tunes with clarinet, tamburica bass, and cello in addition to dulcimers is at times quite moving. The 66 minute recording, taken as a whole, is a soulful exploration of Ruth and Cyntia's creed, set forth in the title song."
~Dulcimer Players News

"Ruth and Cyntia are simply the best creators of devotional music to the Goddess today."
~The Beltane Papers

"Ruth and Cyntia have once again created a world of music for us to escape to. Using their ethereal voices and almost forgotten traditional instruments, they spin a web of magic. Everyone who has had the privilege of sharing this experience has loved it."
~Hecate's Loom