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Invocation to Free Women

Invocation to Free Women
Cover art © 1982 Asungi Productions, "Ochumare - Goddess of Rainbows"

Invocation to Free Women

A Musical and Poetic Narrative
Unfolding the Continuum of Goddess Spirituality

Invocation to Free Women is a 2007 CD re-release of a 1987 collaborative recording produced by Ruth Barrett and Felicity Artemis Flowers.

Ruth Barrett - Vocals, Fretted Dulcimer and Narratives
Felicity Artemis Flowers - Narratives and Drumming
Melena - Afro-Cuban Percussion and Vocals
Scott Fraser - Synthesizers, Sound Effects and Engineering

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Invocation To Diana
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Me And Maat
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The Five Blood Mysteries
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Poem To Ease Birth
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As We Enter The Darkness
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Invocation To Free Women
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About this Recording

Invocation to Free Women features a series of narrations, songs and spoken word pieces performed both acappella and with instrumental accompaniment. The CD features poetry, lyrics and chants by Ruth Barrett, Felicity Artemis Flowers, Susan North, Z Budapest, Starhawk, Shekhinah Mountainwater, and Cassandra Sagan.

Track Listing:

Earth Invocation; Through All the World Below; Spirits; Invocation to Diana; In the Temple of the Goddess: Artemis, Matt, Yemaya, Medusa, Changing Woman; Me and Maat; Canto Payemaya; She Changes; The Five Blood Mysteries; Trinity; Maiden; Evocation to the Goddess of Love; Poem to Ease Birth; Crone; As We Enter the Darkness; Photograph of God; Invocation to Kali; Taking My Son off the Cross; Self-Blessing; Every Woman Born; Visions of Peace; Invocation to Free Women

Ruth Says:

This recording was first created in 1987 when the Goddess Movement was in its second decade. Its message continues to live and inspire new generations of women discovering Goddess and woman-centered spirituality in many forms. I decided to re-release Invocation To Free Women on CD, with the original cover art by Asungi, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the Dianic tradition and to celebrate the evolution of a movement that continues to heal our souls.