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Songs of the Otherworld

Garden of Mysteries
Cover art by Claudia Kunin

Songs of the Otherworld

Ruth's 11th release recording, SONGS OF THE OTHERWORLD, is slated for a December 15, 2010 release date.

"Enter the Otherworld realm of Celtic magic and wonder. It's only a song away…"


Songs of the Otherworld features traditional and original folk songs, ballads, and instrumentals celebrating the faerie realm and otherworld beings.

Let Ruth's lively instrumentals carry you to meet the Fair Folk. Songs range from beloved traditional ballads of magical encounters, Tam Lin and Thomas the Rhymer to original compositions, Birds of Rhiannon and Apples of Avalon. W.B. Yeats' 19th century poem, Song of the Wandering Aengus, is beautifully set to music, as is Samuel Lover's, The Fairy Boy. Songs from my 20-year musical partnership with Cyntia Smith are included as well.

This collection is a must-have for folk music lovers and followers of the Celtic magical paths.

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Ruth's dulcimer artistry and voice are joined by a variety of gifted musicians and singers: Amanda Barrett (voice, mandolin), Daniel Bienenfeld (concertina), Joel Bienenfeld (flute), Ellen Burr (flute), Abby DeWald (guitar), Marilyn Donadt (percussion), Scott Fraser (synthesizer), Richard Gee (guitar), Dianne Miller (voice), Miamon Miller (violins), Dan Ratkovich (tamburica bass), Cait Reed (violin), Cyntia Smith (fretted dulcimer, voice), Caroline Waters (voice, synthesizer), Edward Willett (cello), and Sylvia Woods (Celtic harp).

The CD cover art was created by renowned photography artist Claudia Kunin.

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