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The Early Years

The Early Years

The Early Years

In celebration of Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith's 20 year anniversary of playing music together, they released The Early Years. This recording is a special edition double album CD that includes selections from the duo's first two recordings, Aeolus, and Music of the Rolling World.

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Every Woman Born
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The Rolling of the Stones
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The Broomfield Hill
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About this Recording

Track Listing:

Bird on the Briar, Never Weather Beaten Saile, The Mermaid, Lullaby for Amanda, Every Woman Born, King of the Faeries, Aeolus the Wind, As I Roved Out, Lesson for Two Lutes, Blow the Candles Out, Pastime with Good Company, The Rolling of the Stones, The Weary Cutters, Unicorns, Sovay, I Live Not Where I Love, Three French Dances, Faerie's Love Song, The Rolling World, The Broomfield Hill, Pavan No. 1, The Weaver and the Factory Maid, Planxty Irwin/Loch Lovan Castle, The Cuckoo, Lovers of the Moon, Cambridge May Song


fretted dulcimer, concertina, flute, cello, recorders, Renaissance side drum, Celtic harp, fiddle, string bass, and guitar